Our Work

Local Traveller Accommodation Consultative Committee


Fire Safety

Department of Environment – Fire Safety 

CENA – Culturally Appropriate Homes for Travellers

Conflict & Accommodation – Steps to Take (Pavee Point)

Review of the Traveller Accommodation Act

Impact of the Habitual Residence Condition on Travellers (Pavee Point)

The Effectiveness of Local Traveller Accommodation Committees (ITM)

Health & Housing in Ireland (Amnesty International)

Assessing Conditions On Traveller Sites – A Toolkit (Galway Traveller Movement)

Planning & Development Issues – Traveller Specific Accommodation (Galway Traveller Movement)

Travellers’ Health Matters – A Retrospective Health Impact Assessment Of Low-Grade Traveller Accommodation (Galway Traveller Movement)


Threshold’s guide to ending your tenancy

Threshold’s guide to resolving issues during your tenancy

Threshold’s guide to seeking private rented accommodation