Minceir Whiden Voter Information

Voter Education Pack by Minceir Whiden. Using your vote is very important. This pack has some information about registering to vote and why you should vote. You can find it here:


Mincéirs Whiden is Ireland’s Traveller-only forum. Where Travellers can come together as a community to talk about the issues we face. To create ways we as a community can overcome our exclusion within Irish society. Minceirs Whiden aims to promote an understanding and the recognition of Travellers as a minority ethnic group in Irish Society who are proud and confident of their identity. Minceirs Whiden seeks the full participation and inclusion of Travellers in economic, social, political and cultural life of Ireland. Minceirs Whiden is inclusive of diversity within the community and promotes equality of opportunity through collective leadership.

Contact Details: Mincéirs Whiden c/o 4 Bruach Na Rinne, Quin Co Clare T: 085 880 4450

email: kathleen.sherlock@minceirswhiden.org                www.minceirswhiden.org


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