Kerry Star Pupil (Traveller Access to Education) Programme

The Kerry Star Pupil (Traveller Access to Education) Programme provides information, guidance, support and summer work experience opportunities to Traveller students in 5th year of second-level school. The programme will be co-ordinated by Christina Boland, the Third-level Traveller Access Officer with Kerry Travellers Health and Community Development Project. Christina is based at the Institute of Technology Tralee.

We are starting the application process for the Star Pupil Traveller Access Programme 2015/16 now. The programme provides one to one meetings with the Third-level Traveller Access Officer to discuss the Star Pupil Traveller Access Programme and what it involves for the participant:
– Attendance at school; Star Pupils must have at least 80% attendance (in normal circumstances, up to a maximum of 5 days per term in total may be allowed for non-certified sick leave and absences due to family reasons) and they must also sit their Leaving Certificate exams (to be confirmed by the school)
– Student to compile details of their current subjects
– Assessment results so far (copies of results for Junior Certificate, 5th year class tests and Christmas tests)
– Participating in any support programme which may be agreed with student based on assessment results e.g. co-operation hours utilised, community supports accessed
– Attending group information sessions with other Travellers in the Star Pupil Traveller Access Programme
– Future education/career planning session
– Shadow days at IT Tralee
– CV preparation and evidence of student’s participation in the programme
– Interview preparation and Interviews for places
– Summer work experience with local agencies
– Completion of 6th year see the attendance requirements above and sitting all Leaving Certificate examinations
– Payment based on attendance at school, ITT events and appointments and work experience
– Option of applying for an alternative entry route to the Institute of Technology Tralee

We recommend that fifth year Traveller students in Kerry discuss the programme with their schools, families and support staff such as School Completion Programme staff, Home School Liaison Officers, Kerry Travellers Health and Community Development Project and decide whether they are interested in applying. Please consider the following information when deciding to apply for the positions:
• It will not be certain where the work experience will take place until later in the year
• No one is guaranteed work experience at this stage as it is subject to funding being committed by local host organisations
• There will be an interview process to select the students later on in the spring
• If you apply and accept work experience, you agree to all the terms and conditions of the host organisation and you must be available for the full period of the work experience
• The work experience is offered on the condition that you will complete your sixth year in school and sit the leaving certificate examinations
• Work experience is only offered on the basis that you have a good and consistent school record this year and that your school completes the attached form with you.

For more information please contact:

Christina Boland
Third-level Traveller Access Officer
Institute of Technology Tralee
Co. Kerry

Tel. 066 7191871
Mob. 087 0980400


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