Traveller Pride Awards

The Sixth Traveller Pride Awards will take place on Thursday 4th June 2015 in the Rotunda Hospital, Dublin. These Awards are being organised by a committee comprising The Irish Traveller Movement (ITM), Minceirs Whiden, Pavee Point, National Traveller MABS, the National Traveller Women’s Forum, Involve and the Parish of the Travelling People.

The aim of the Awards is to celebrate Traveller achievements whilst highlighting some of the obstacles that exist for Travellers in Irish society, to instill pride, increase expectations and celebrate Travellers’ undoubted positive contribution to Irish life and also the pride and determination one has to have in order to succeed as a Traveller. The awards are judged in seven separate categories, from which one will be chosen to receive the overall Traveller Pride Award for 2015 with categories for Achievement in:
• Education
• Arts or Culture
• Music
• Enterprise or Employment
• Youth
• Sport
• Community

Kerry has done very well in recent years in these Awards. Savannah McCarthy won the Sports Award in 2013 and Martin Mahon won the Arts and Culture Award in 2014.

If there is an individual or group that you wish to nominate for these Awards please let us know by giving us a ring on 066 7120054. Alternatively you may wish to nominate the individual or group yourself by completing the Nomination Form below and sending it to: Traveller Pride Awards 2015, 4-5 Eustace Street, Dublin 2

The closing date for nominations is FRIDAY 20th March 2015.



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