Countdown to Irish State’s Recognition of Traveller Ethnicity

At the Irish Traveller Movement’s Yellow Flag Awards Ceremony in Dublin on the 18th November 2014, Aodhán Ó Ríordáin, Minister of State with responsibility for Equality Matters, committed that Travellers are to be recognised as a distinct ethnic group within six months. The Ticker below, which was created by two Traveller activists, is to remind us all of the deadline for this undertaking.

As you will be aware the campaign to recognise Traveller Ethnicity has been a long and hard one over many decades. It has been a cornerstone and key demand of the Irish Traveller Movement, Minceir Whiden, the National Traveller Women`s Forum, Pavee Point, most local Traveller Organisations across the country, as well as other anti-racist groups and Community Development Organisations, such as Kerry Travellers Health & Community Development Project.

We would call on all of ye & encourage you to promote this ticker on your FB pages, your websites & via your e-mail – thank you. We ask you to please join with us in Kerry Travellers Health & Community Development Project in promoting this Ticker as widely as you can through your websites, Facebook pages and emails using the link below.


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