ITM Leadership Programme 2015: Community Development Course, FETAC level 5

In November 2013 ITM, in conjunction with Community Action Network, developed and delivered a training programme to support the development of emerging Traveller leaders within the movement. This was a FETAC accredited Level 5 award in Leadership & Community Development and it finished last September. It was hugely successful with 17 participants completing the course. The participants had a graduation ceremony on the 10th December and you can read testimonies about their work and the course via the ITM Facebook page

Due to the distance (the course was held in Dublin) ITM didn’t have any representation from the South. In February 2015 ITM, in conjunction with Community Action Network (CAN) and the TVG Cork, will be offering this FETAC level 5 award in Community Development and there will be a number of places available for ITM members from the Southern Network. This is an exciting opportunity for activists to come together and collectively share their experiences and build on their existing capacity for themselves, their local organisations, their community and the Movement.

The training is for Travellers who are already active within Traveller organisations, whether in a paid or voluntary capacity, who are interested in further developing their skills to take on new roles within the Movement.  The training will aim to support the progression of Travellers within the membership in order for them to take an even further role as leaders.

Read below for more information:

ITM Leadership Programme Update 2015

What Type of programme is being delivered? What does it aim to do and what will it cover? 
This is a Major Award Community Development FETAC Level 5

The aims of the course are:
•    To equip Travellers involved in their local Traveller organisation, either in a paid or unpaid capacity to:
•    Develop a deeper understanding of community development.
•    Develop skills relevant to community work
•    Assist those who are working in the community to explore how to work more effectively together in addressing local issues.

Accreditation requirements
To receive accreditation from FETAC participants must complete a number of assignments for each module.  In order to attain the FETAC Certificate Award Level 5 in Community Development participants are required to complete eight modules.
1. Understanding Community Development
2. Community Development Practice
3. Working in groups
4. Social analysis
5. Management committee skills
6. Social studies
7. Communications
8. Work experience

Course Methodology
The course will work with people from where they are at, reflecting on their experience to date, equipping them with practical skills and supporting them to develop their own analysis and theories in relation to best practice in community development. A range of methods will be used and include:
•    Large and small group discussion
•    Workshops
•    Theoretical Inputs
•    Case Studies
•    Role Plays
•    Working creatively

Support structure

An integral feature of the course design is organise support structures agreed with learners. The aim of this is to support participant around their participation on the course and assignments.


Contact Kerry Travellers HCDP 066-7120054 or Damien Walsh ITM 01-679 6577 or for more information


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