The Voice of the Traveller magazine summer edition (issue 94) is now available in newsagents.

The cover story for this issue features our reporter Martin Ward’s interview with the Voice UK singer Mike Ward. Mike tells us about working with singer Tom Jones, his interest in country music and his Irish Traveller roots.
With the local elections coming up soon we ask, what can political parties do for Travellers?
Rosaleen McDonagh and Martin Beanz Warde examine the issue of Traveller representation in some sections of the Irish tabloids and ask how is it that they can get away with using language that effectively demonises all Travellers based on the actions of a marginal few?
Sean Andrews tells us about Traveller folk singers in his local Belfast during the 1950’s and their contributions to the BBC folk music archives.
Our reporter Tracie Joyce meets with Joe McGrath and Aileen O’Brien two mediators who help to solve family disputes and conflicts through discussion and who are introducing the concept through training courses. Michael Power has his head shaved for charity and highlights the contributions made by Travellers to charities and fundraising events.
In our regular features we draw attention to the work of Youthreach with young Travellers. We also discuss the issue of ethnicity and address pressing topics in our Know Your Rights and letters sections.
Written by Travellers for Travellers and the wider community, Voice of the Traveller serves as a window that provides an authentic view of a community whose coverage in mainstream tabloids tends to be unrepresentative and generally negative. Our publication challenges the stereotypes and negative issues that regularly arise and serve to limit the potential growth of our community.
Voice of the Traveller magazine was first launched in 1991. It is the only magazine dedicated exclusively to profiling Traveller life today. The magazine has recently been made available in newsagents across Ireland and Northern Ireland and is becoming more popular with every issue released.
Regional news, an Adult Learning Diary, photographs, remembrances and wedding snaps are all here, as well as details of upcoming events to keep our readers both in Ireland and abroad informed on what’s happening within the community. The magazine is hailed as a vital information tool to those separated from the community or living abroad.
For those that are interested in getting to know Travellers with an unbiased insider perspective, Voice of the Traveller magazine is the place to be.


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