Martin Mahon from Tralee wins National Traveller Pride Award for Culture

The Management, Staff and Volunteers of Kerry Travellers Health and Community Development Project are delighted to be associated with the success of Martin Mahon in the Culture section of this year’s Traveller Pride Awards. This follows on from the success of Savannah McCarthy in the Youth section of last year’s awards

Martin is 20 years old. He got into acting from watching it on T.V. and found he had a passion for it from a very young age. He found out at 16, that he could start acting locally. Martin joined “The Free Radicals Youth Theatre” in Siamsa Tire, in Tralee and his talent started to emerge from there. His first play was called “My Big Greek Play” where he played a guard trying to stop a rebellion.

Martin then left for two years as he had to do his Leaving Certificate in Mercy Mounthawk. Martin sat his Leaving Cert in June, 2012 and passed everything. Martin re-joined the theatre in September, 2012 and has been there ever since.

Martin acted in a play in December, 2012 called “Short-cuts”. He played an upper class business man. March, 2013 was the next play called “X”. He had three different roles. One part was a lonely guy and the second part he played was a husband. The third part he said was the most difficult to date, the part of a lady! The director trusted him and said he was the only one capable of playing the past. In the next play which was account 21st century teenagers Martin played four different parts. The first part was a silent part as a bank robber. The second part as a mental person who escaped from a mental home. The third part was a very good piece where Martin plays a debt collector. Then the new term started in September, 2013. The first play that he took part in was called “Strangers” where he had three roles again.

Martin joined the Kerry School of Music while he was still involved with Siamsa Tire where they are going to act in the musical called “The Producers”.

Martin also, at present, writes his own plays for Siamsa Tire. He has written seven different pieces and has entered script writing competitions. Martin hopes to continue and develop his acting career. He also sings and plays the guitar. He is a man of many talents. Martin is very proud of this culture and has a great focus to succeed.


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