Career Travellers feature in Radio Documentary Series

Career focused members of the Irish Traveller community will feature in a new radio documentary series which commences on Dublin City FM 103.2 on Wednesday May 7th. Olympic boxer John Joe Nevin, actor Michael Collins and barrister David Joyce are among the contributors to the eight programme series, titled “Pavee Paths”.

Talking about the programmes, producer, Margaret Scully said “I was working with the Traveller Community in 2011, at a time when the media was focused on Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and fist fighting. In the course of my work I met well educated, hardworking and talented members of the Traveller community and after the job finished I invited member of the community to share their stories for this radio series.” Contributors discuss their love of literature, history, arts, graduates, music, sport and travel.

Phd student and university lecturer, Hannagh Mc Ginley, from Galway tells her story of going to work for an NGO in Afghanistan. John Joe Nevin talks about his hopes for breaking down barriers between settled and Traveller peoples in Ireland. He also chats about the priest, who he has never met, that prays for him each time he steps in the ring. Actors, Michael Collins and Martin Beans Ward talk about their acting and writing careers. Patrick Nevin is a historian with a passion for books and talks us through his interest in Lycian tree veneration. Singer, Selina O’ Leary, talks about her experience of studying music at University of Limerick and later performances in New York and Paris.

The programmes are 28 minutes long and were made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI). The first programme will be aired on 103.2 Dublin City FM, commencing Wednesday 07/05/2014 at 3pm. Programmes can be live streamed on . After broadcast shows will be podcast on

The schedule for the shows is as follows:
7th May 2014 “Pavee Paths: The Graduates” featuring Patrick Nevin, David Joyce & Hannagh Mc Ginley
14th May 2014: “Pavee Paths: International Travel” featuring Hanagh Mc Ginley
21st May 2014: “Pavee Paths: Literature” featuring David Joyce, Martin Beans Ward, Hannagh Mc Ginley & Patrick Nevin
28th May 2014: “Pavee Paths: Hear My Song” featuring Selina O’ Leary
4th June 2014: “Pavee Paths: Sporting Hero” featuring John Joe Nevin
11th June 2014: “Pavee Paths: History” featuring Patrick Nevin
18th June 2014: “Pavee Paths: Acting Up” featuring Michael Collins and Martin Beans Ward
25th June 2014 “Pavee Paths: Academic” featuring Hannagh Mc Ginley


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