Exciting Regional Traveller Youth Event

17 young Travellers from Tralee and Killarney, together with 4 Group Leaders, attended a Traveller Youth Event in Mahon Community Centre, Cork on Saturday, 5th October. There was a huge turnout and some of our young people were among prize winners on the day.  They produced a rap recording on the day.

The purpose of the day was to bring young Travellers together from Cork and Kerry, between the ages of 12 and 17, to look at and have their say on the findings of the All-Ireland Traveller Health Study through art, drama and rap.  There were a number of facilitators present, some of whom were Travellers, who were experienced in working with young people.  A number of themes were identified beforehand by the organising group as potential areas of interest to young Travellers including Education, Discrimination, Mental Health, Culture and Identity.

We, in Kerry Travellers, were responsible for getting the word out to young Travellers in Kerry about the event and for organising transport.  We were very happy to do this as we saw the event as a great opportunity for young Travellers to meet and to look at issues of concern to them.  We know that parents too are very keen to see their teenage children involved in activities.  We, in Kerry Travellers, certainly need parents’ active support in running similar events in the future.


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