Cena-Culturally Appropriate Homes Limited Granted Housing Status

The name Cena is the translation of the Cant term (Traveller Language) for home.

We are pleased to inform you that approved housing body status is granted to Cena- Culturally Appropriate Homes Limited under section 6 of the housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 1992. Cena was pioneered by the Irish Traveller Movement (ITM) as an innovative solution to the provision of Traveller appropriate housing.

Cena-Culturally Appropriate Homes Limited was established in 2011 and is a National Traveller led Voluntary Accommodation Association. Cena’s work is informed by a community development approach that facilitates the active participation and inclusion of Travellers. Cena’s work will be shaped and led by the Traveller community.

Cena’s Vision- An Ireland where all Travellers are accommodated in culturally appropriate accommodation within a sustainable community setting of their choice.

Cena’s Mission- To design and deliver with Travellers, a range of culturally appropriate accommodation that meets their needs and is innovative, child- centred energy efficient and sustainable

Accommodation will include:

  • Halting Sites
  • Group Housing
  • Standard Housing
  • Nomadic Provision

Cena will be launching their branding and website in the next two months. We will update you when we schedule a date.  If you want to know more about Cena, you can contact Bridgie via Phone- 0876425756 or through e-mail- bridgieitm@gmail.com.


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