KTHCDP encourages Traveller Parents to attend Anti-Bullying Training

Anti-Bullying Training for Parents
National Parents Council Primary and National Parents Council Post Primary has developed an Anti-Bullying Programme for parents of primary and post primary children.

The session aims to help you to support your child regarding issues of bullying and will also inform you about the new Anti Bullying Procedures for Primary and Post Primary Schools. The new procedures that have only been issued to schools now include a responsibility on schools to respond and record racist bullying and bullying based on a person’s membership of the Travelling Community.

Each session runs for two hours and is provided free of charge. Please note these sessions have been developed specifically for a parent audience and they are therefore not suitable for children. Every school has been asked to circulate information to their parents on this training.

Where will the training take place?
Monday 14th Oct 2013 in the Carlton Hotel, Tralee at 7.30pm

Your school may decide to host a session so it’s a good idea to check whether your school are doing this.  Also, the National Parent Council are open to organising a number of sessions that would just be specifically for Traveller parents, if the interest in there.  Can you please contact the Project on 066 7120054 if you would be interested in attending Traveller specific training in this area.


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