Preparation for the Traveller Accommodation Plan

Local groups and other interested bodies should have now received a letter from your local authority inviting submissions and advising on the upcoming Assessment of Needs for Travellers. We are concerned that some local authorities have not informed you that they will be carrying out the “Assessment” in September/October. We suggest that you contact your local authority immediately to request the deadline of the dates for submissions and that they work with you jointly to carry out an assessment of need.
The Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2009 states that the assessment may only be carried out on Travellers who are on the housing list (therefore made housing applications by April 2013). We do not accept that as being full proof. There are a number of families who have not been accepted onto the housing list, did not apply because they did not know that they needed to by April 2013 or for whatever personal reasons have not put themselves on the housing list. Also, we are concerned that the local authorities assessment would not include families in private rented. All the families still have an accommodation need which should be identified to develop the Traveller Accommodation Plan that meets the needs of Travellers.
Upcoming Accommodation Meetings
Western and North Western Accommodation Working Group will be held from 11.30 to 2.30on Monday 16th September in Northside Family Resource Centre, Sligo


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