BAI response to ITM complaint against Prime Time

As you know after March 5th’s Prime Time programme, the ITM and many of our member groups made formal complaints to RTE about their programme on Traveller accommodation. ITM felt that RTE’s response to these complaints was unsatisfactory, and along with other Traveller organisations, brought our complaints to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) in relation to the programme’s fairness, objectivity and impartiality in current affairs. Specfically ITM made reference to the composition of the panel, management of content, the language used by the presenter, the use of caricatures to describe Travellers, the use of leading questions, comments that incite hatred and the failure of the programme to give adequate time for Travellers to participate in the discussion.
Unfortunately the BAI in their opinion found that the programme did not breach standards in relation to fairness and impartiality or that inputs from the panel, audience or presenter incited hatred or supported racism and discrimination.
ITM is naturally very disappointed in this judgement but would like to thank all Traveller groups and individuals who took the time to make a complaint to RTE over this programme.


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