NTSAP Mental Health Training Programme.

The National Traveller Suicide Awareness Project training for Traveller men is currently being piloted in Exchange House National Travellers Service headquarters in Dublin.

Using a community development approach, this module will provide training to Traveller men in prevention, intervention and post intervention initiatives in the areas of positive mental health, mental health issues and suicide. There are twelve men taking part in the Pilot programme. When the training is complete participants will be able to:
• Identity what is positive mental health
• Identity what are mental health issues
• Identity and work to develop appropriate responses in prevention
• Have skills to make appropriate interventions in crises situations and referrals to appropriate organisations
• Identify and work with others, Traveller and non-Travellers to develop appropriate responses in post-vention

So far there have been sessions on Positive Mental Health, Self-Care, Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Post-vention with input from Pieta House and Console.

When the pilot has been completed and evaluated it will be rolled out nationally.
If you have any queries or would like the training delivered in your organisation, please contact NTSAP at Exchange House at 018721094 or info@exchangehouse.ie


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