Mincéirs Whiden (Cant for Travellers Talking) Regional Meeting

Mincéir Whiden(Cant for Travellers Talking) would like to invite you to a Traveller only meeting on Thursday the 12 of September 2013 venue in the Galway Traveller Movement No.1 The Plaza Headford Road Galway City.- 2pm-4pm.

Who are Minceirs Whiden (Cant of Travellers Talking). Mincéir Whiden is a Traveller only organisation that was formed in 2004, currently we have over 800 members spread throughout Ireland. Our aim is to build unity and address divisions amoungst Travellers, Promote Traveller Ethnicity, Culture and our role in Irish Society, Promote a collective voice and political platform for Travellers.

It is very important that Travellers be part of these discussions, and we would ask all Traveller groups and Primary Health Care Programmes to actively encourage and support Travellers particapation in a Traveller only space.

If you need to know more about this Connacht Regional meeting, please do not hesitate to contact the chairperson of Minceirs Whiden -John Paul Collins on 085-1122571 or johnpaul.collins@pavee.ie


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