Traveller Accommodation Budget Cuts- Serious Cause for Concern

The final meeting of the 4th National Traveller Accommodation Committee (NTACC) took place on the 17th April 2013. Traveller accommodation issues are generating increasing concerns, with Traveller accommodation budget having been cut from 70 million in 2000 to just 4 million in 2013. There is also a significant under spending in the already reduced budgets allocated.

According to 2012 annual count, there are 330 families in Ireland living on the roadside and 743 sharing accommodation. This means that the accommodation needs of 1073 Traveller families are not being met. Travellers are increasingly being forced into private rented /standard housing- the All Ireland Traveller Health Study documented over 70% of Travellers now living in standard housing/private rented accommodation.

There has been a decrease in the development of Traveller specific accommodation. This raises concerns in relation to the delivery of Traveller accommodation programmes under the 1998 Traveller Accommodation Act, which legislates for transient sites and Traveller specific accommodation. This highlights under spending in Traveller accommodation, with various local Authorities not utilising the budgets allocated for Traveller specific accommodation.

For more information contact John Paul Collins


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