Mincéirs Whiden- ‘The Traveller Struggle- Past, Present and Future’

As part of Traveller Pride Week 2013, Mincéirs Whiden launched a report which documents the history of Traveller activism since the 1960s up to date.

The report documents State policies towards Travellers since the 1960s- shifting from assimilation to integration- and examines how each response has contributed to shaping the Traveller movement. It acknowledges present and future challenges for the movement, not least calling for formal recognition of Traveller ethnicity, but also for the growth of Traveller-led organisations throughout the country.

The report was launched by Grattan Puxon, a well-known supporter of Traveller rights. He stated; “the evidence that Travellers were not passive victims throughout this period is obvious. I personally had the opportunity of working with Traveller families in Cherry Orchard in the early 1960s and I have stood in solidarity with those same extended families more recently in Dale Farm fighting against mass evictions there”.

John Paul Collins, Chairperson of Mincéirs Whiden said; “I’m delighted that this report is being launched today. It shows that we Travellers have always had an uphill struggle to try and get respect and be appreciated in Irish society. The report also shows the complexities and the internal struggles within our communities in trying to stand up for our rights”.

To Read the full report click on link below



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