Wave-Change open for Applications from 18-25 year olds

Wave Change is an 8-month programme that CONNECTS, SUPPORTS and INVESTS in 18 – 25 year olds who are taking action to tackle social or environmental issues in Ireland. The programme supports them to develop themselves and to further their projects.

The programme will take place between FEBRUARY AND SEPTEMBER 2013 and will feature five weekends designed to accelerate social change ideas.

The programme provides key supports in the following areas:


Participants will become part of a growing network of Wave Change Alumni who are committed to bringing about social change in Ireland. They will also have the possibility of pitching for financial support for their project through the WAVE CHANGE SEED FUND.

All costs associated with taking part in the Wave Change Programme will be covered for the participants.

If you know somebody who you think would be a good fit for the Wave Change programme, please ask them to view the Wave Change website (www.wavechange.ie) or they can contact the organisers directly at wavechange@socialentrepreneurs.ie.

Applications can be filled out online at the Wave Change website. The deadline for applications is Friday 14th of December.


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