Yes For Children!

You may remember our recent news items on the upcoming children’s rights referendum (click here and here). We have received the following message from ‘Yes for Children’, a campaign encouraging everyone to use their vote to guarantee rights for our children:

“Yes for Children is working on the upcoming Children’s Referendum. Yes for Children is a coalition between the Children’s Rights Alliance, the ISPCC, Barnardos, and Campaign for Children. The campaign was formally launched on Monday 24th of September.

The Yes for Children campaign is getting a campaign bus on the road. This is starting in Dublin on 8thOctober 2012, and travelling around the country for about four weeks, aiming to stop at least once in each county, and reach as many people as possible.

In Kerry we will be stopping in Killarney, Kenmare and Tralee;

  • We will be in Killarney from around 3.00pm on Saturday the 13th, location to be confirmed.
  • On Sunday we will do some canvassing in Kenmare and Killarney in the morning.
  • In the afternoon we will move on to Tralee where we will meet at the Manor West Business Park from 2.30 until close.

We are inviting youth groups, charities, organisations, and the general public, to come out and support us on the day. We have also been in touch with local and national media about covering the event on the day.

We are asking you to meet the bus and find out more about the campaign. If you are interested in volunteering with us to help hand out leaflets, and talk to people about the campaign please contact me on the number below.

There will be staff from the Yes for Children coalition on the bus at all times, and we will bring with us all the leaflets, information, stickers etc. needed, we just want your help in providing people, to ensure the greatest impact and coverage.

By working together we can ensure that a positive message about the value of protecting, respecting and listening to children is carried into every community in Ireland.

Thank you for your support!”

Hanna Malone

 Regional Coordinator

Yes for Children



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